Straight Six Coin Slide Parts

Straight Six Coin Slide Parts Diagram & Parts List

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SS 3201B Under-pawl (6 per mechanism)
SS 3202 Ratchet pawl
SS 3203 Coin gate (specify coinage)
SS 3204 Under-pawl spring
SS 3205 Under-pawl stop
SS 3206 Coin slot bank
LSS 3207 Slide stop
SS 3208 Rack
SS 3209 Cover plate
SS 3210 Gate cover plate
SS 3211 Stop plate
SS 3212 Non-return bar
LSS 3213 Casting body
SS 3214 Slide (specify coinage)
LSS 3215 L/Hand side rail
LSS 3216 R/Hand side rail
SS 3217 Ratchet peg
SS 3218 Coin cage
SS 3219 Coin selector bridge
SS 3220 Under-pawl rod
SS 3221 Spring operating non-return bar
SS 3222 6BA Shoulder screw fixing SS 3221
SS 3224A Screw 6BA x 1/2" Pan Hd. fixing L/Hand rail
SS 3225 Screw 6BA x 3/4" Pan Hd. fixing SS 3239
SS 3226 6BA Spring steel washer
SS 3227B Ratchet spring
SS 3228 Return spring
SS 3229A Screw 4BA x 1/4" Cheese H.d fixing slide stop
SS 3230 Screw 2BA x 1/4" Csk. fixing stop plate
SS 3231 Screw 4BA x 3/16" Cheese Hd. fixing cover plate
SS 3232 Screw M4 x 6mm plastic grub screw
SS 3233 Screw 6BA x 1" Cheese Hd. fixing SS 3219
SS 3234 Bridge bias spring
SS 3235 Full nut 6BA locking bridge fixing screws
SS 3236 Selector bridge cover
SS 3239 Slide stop buffer
SS 3241 Screw 6BA x 3/16" Pan Hd. fixing laser blank
SS 3242 Screw 6BA x 5/32" Csk. fixing bridge cover
SS 3243T Backing plate screw
SS 3244 Laser cut selector blank (specify coinage)
SS 3247 Screw 6BA x 1/4" Cheese Hd. fixing under-pawl stop
SS 3249 6BA Plain washer (4 off)
SS 3251 Screw 2BA x 1/2" (pool. export) (4 off)
used instead of SS 3243 T/B SS 3252 SS 3243T Packing piece

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