Simplex Coin Slide Parts

Simplex Coin Slide Parts Diagram & Parts List

Simplex Coin Slide parts diagram
SC1 6BA x 1/4 Panhead Screws Magnet Pawhead 6BA x 3/16 2 Off
SC2 Centre Pawl (1)
SC3 Centre PawI Bracket (1)
SC4 6BA Nut(1)
SC5 Centre Pawl Shoulder Screw (1)
SC6 Centre Pawl Spring (1)
SC7 Slide Plate
SC8 Magnet Casting (1)
SC9 Cone (1)
SC9(A) Short Cone (1)
SC10 6BA x 5/18 Cheese Head (1)
SC11 Moving Rack (1)
SC12 6BA x 5/32 Countersunk Screw
SC13 6BA x 5/32 Countersunk Screw 2 0ff
SC14 Fixed Rack (1)
SC15 Lever Spring (1)
SC16 Lever Arm (1)
SC17 Nylon Bush (1)
SC18 Backing Plate Screw (4)
SC19 Ratchet Screw 4BB x 7/16 Shoulder
SC20 Ratchet
SC21 Nylon Washer
SC22 Circlip (SCO1 960) SC23 4BA Shakeproof
SC24 48A Nut
SC25 6BA x 5/8 Phillips Head Counter Sink (4)
SC26 Magnets (2)
SC27 Magnet Cover (2)
SC28 Coinshute Casting
SC29 Moving Cone (1)
SC30 Ratchet Spring (1)
SC31 Adjustment Screw (1)
SC32 Cover Plate (1)
SC33 6BA x 1/4 Pan Head (2)
SC34 2BA Full Nut (2)
SC35 Coin Guide (1)
SC36 2BA Shakeproof
SC37 6BA Plain Washer (2)
SC38 Non Return Pawl Rivet (5/8 x 1/8”)
SC39 Spring Clip (1)
SC40 Under Pawl Spring
SC41 Non Return Pawl
SC42 Return Spring
SC43 Round Head 2BA x 3/16
SC44 Backstop

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