Accumulative Timer Parts

Acccumulative Timer Parts Diagram & Parts List

accumulative time parts diagram
TU1 Timer Motor
TU2 5BA Plain Washer
TU3 Rotary Acceptor Motor Plate
TU4 Pegged Wheel Drive
TU5 Pegged Wheel
TU6 Ratchet Wheel Drive Arm
TU7 Ratchet Spring
TU8 Spring Post
TU9 Ratchet
TU10 Ratchet Rivet
TU11 Nylon Washer 040-3630
TU12 Nylon Washer 040-3632
TU13 Motor Plate Spring Post
TU14 Ratchet Arm Spindle
TU15 Brake Arm Spindle
TU16 Ratchet Wheel
TU17 Brake Wheel
TU18 Ratchet Cam Springs (2 0ff)
TU19 Brake Cam Spring
TU20 Ratchet Cam
TU21 Brake Cam
TU22 Spacer (4 0ff)
TU23 Nylon Washer 040-3630
TU24 Circlip
TU25 6BAX1/2” P/Head
TU26 68A Full Nut
TU27 6BAx3/16” P/Head
TU28 6BA Studs X 21/4”
TU29 8-32 Unc x 21/4” (40ff)
TU30 Guide for TU33
TU31 68A Shakeproof Washer
TU32 Switch 83-152022
TU33 Triple Switch Activator

Acccumulative Timer - Wiring Diagram

The timer switches a 10amp 250 volt microswitch.

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